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Industry News nouns
Release time:2015/4/12 15:38:20
►EHS management system is the integration of the two systems of environmental management systems (EMS) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS). Environmental, occupational health and safety management system, referred to as EHS management system, EHS is the environment Environment, Health Health, Safety Safety abbreviation.

► Clean Development Mechanism (referred to as CDM) that developed countries can provide funds and technology to help developing countries generate greenhouse gas emission reduction projects, emission reduction credits generated, you can count to his name. This mechanism can bring in revenue for businesses in developing countries, but also conducive to environmental protection, can be said to be "win-win."

► "7S" is finishing (Seiri), rectification (Seiton), cleaning (Seiso), clean (Seikeetsu), literacy (Shitsuke), safety (safety) and speed / savings (speed / saving) This seven word acronym. Because these seven words in Japanese and English, the first letter is "S", it is referred to as the "7S", carry out the order, straighten, sweep, clean, quality, safety and savings for the content of events, called "7S "activities.

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